10 must have Android apps for new Android tablet owners (2014)

Written companion - http://goo. gl/xd2fXE Did you just get a brand new Android tablet and are looking for some apps to grab for it. Here's a quick list of And.

The Best Android Apps For Tablets

Charles Melcher (born 1965) is the founder and president of Melcher Media, a small independent book packager and publisher in New York.
Charles Melcher was born on January 19, 1965, and raised in New York City, where he attended the Ethical Culture Fieldston School. He graduated from Yale University with a BA in 1988. Charles is the Founder and President of Melcher Media Inc., an award-winning app developer, book publisher, and corporate content producing company. Melcher Media's most recent success is the iPad and iPhone app, "Our Choice", by Al Gore. The app was a #1 best-seller on the iTunes store and won Apple's prestigious award for best designed app of 2011. Other recent apps include "Imagine, Design, Create", about the future of design produced for Autodesk and Timothy Ferris's "Four Hour Chef" published by Amazon for the Kindle Fire and other Android tablets.
Charles Melcher initially became interested in publishing when, as a college student at Yale, he created a photography magazine. After graduating in 1988, he launched Melcher Press, Inc., and spent two years creating custom print materials for schools such as Dartmouth, Wesleyan, and Yale, before becoming publisher at

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