Nordic Walking Sticks for Seniors: Things to Consider

Nordic Walking Sticks for Seniors: Things to Consider

Few people know that Nordic walking was, in fact, invented for skiers. More specifically, it was quite essential for maintaining the active form of Finnish athletes. Nordic walking with sticks is used as an additional therapy and for the rehabilitation of patients. Nordic walking not only increases the flow of oxygen in the body but also speeds up the muscle activity in older people. Today, Nordic Walking has gained huge popularity all across the globe.

Things to Remember:

The low price should not be your first priority. It is important not to endanger one’s health because of someone’s fakes. Pay attention to manufacturers that tend to offer quality products. Discounted products, as a rule, have a hidden defect. For an elderly person, this may lead to a major injury. Ask the seller about the index carbon content in your brand new sticks. The higher it is, the stronger your purchase. Choose products with a parameter of 20% or higher. Plastic parts tend to quickly break. Especially pay attention to the handle, the plastic will quickly break, and will slide in the palm of your hand.

Arrange a test drive for your future supports: examine the shaft and handle, play with your hand, tap on the floor, try the tips in your work, and you will get very tired with strong vibrations. If the store has a warranty, check all the features of the return of goods. Never take sticks that you are not allowed to take out of the packaging. Immediately find out if there are any spare parts for this model, purchase additional rubber tips.

Nordic Walking for the Elderly: 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Stick

Tip 1. Take with you a person (instructor) who is familiar with various models and quality sticks.

Tip 2. While still at home, you should clearly define the type of stick you want: monolithic or telescopic, which company to consider, the price range, as well as the size of the stick.

Tip 3. Do not hesitate to check the stick directly in the store.

Tip 4. The first thing you should check is the comfort of the handle, this is especially important for an elderly person.

Tip 5. The seller must remove and secure all allegedly removable parts with you.

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