Nordic Walking for Seniors: FAQ’s

Nordic Walking for Seniors: FAQ’s

What is the amount of Nordic walking lessons needed per week for an older person? The frequency of training depends on the goal. For normal people, one hour per day or three times a day for 30 minutes is enough. In the presence of serious diseases – twice a week for 15 minutes. Depending on the person’s well-being, the duration of the lesson can be increased or decreased. The main rule – walks should be easy, without pain and deterioration of health.

Do I need a warm-up? It is necessary, especially for the elderly, to prepare the muscles with simple exercises. For example, repeat each exercise 4-8 times: Stand up straight. Take the stick by the ends and slowly lean to the right and left, holding the stick over your head. Movement on flexibility itself is very useful for older people. Push your right leg forward. Pull your arms back, leaning forward. Stretch your arms forward, leaning back. Change the leg and repeat the exercise. Squatting with an emphasis on sticks from 3 to 15 times. Hands slightly back. Bend the leg at the knee, grab it by the ankle, pull as far as possible to the gluteus muscle for 10-15 seconds. With your other hand, hold on or lean on a stick.

Rest against the sticks that stand in front of you, keep your back straight. Stretch your right leg forward, put it on the heel. Bend another in the knee, do a small squat, linger for 15 seconds. Repeat with the other leg. It is advisable to perform this exercise with a safety net, ask for help from relatives and acquaintances. Withdraw your hands with sticks gently and gently back through the sides, tighten your muscles. Put the sticks in front so that when you tilt your arms remain straight. Leaning your back on the sticks, bend your back. This exercise can be performed by an elderly person while he/she is relaxing while practicing Nordic walking.

Bending the right arm in the elbow, we throw a stick behind the back. We intercept it from below with the left hand. The right hand slowly pulls the stick up until the bottom left feels the tension. What are the rules of breathing? Here the freedom of choice is yours. Breathe as you feel, with your nose or mouth. After an intense walk, take a deep breath, stretch your whole body. The end of the workout can be combined with taking a hot bath to relax the muscles. Sauna lovers can combine exercise with pleasure. Warming up is necessary for an elderly person so as not to hurt the muscles. What is the necessary amount of water one should intake?

Depending on your habits, you can drink water before, during and after the session. To prevent dehydration, do not drink coffee. About 2 hours before walking, drink half a liter of water. During the first hour after the end of the workout, drink as much as your body needs. Some older people prefer to take a bottle of water with them in a light backpack. Is it possible to eat before the start of the walking? Eating (fats and proteins) before training, as well as before any intense exercise, can be no later than 3-4 hours before the walking. If your breakfast was light (yogurt, porridge on the water, low-fat cheese), you can go out in an hour. About Advantage Plans: They’re mentioned as Medicare supplement plans which are applicable to seniors in the US who’re at 65 & above. These plans typically help pay for deductible, copay, etc. Visit to locate a 2019 medicare advantage plan to stay healthy.