How to Choose the Right e-book Device for Seniors?

How to Choose the Right e-book Device for Seniors?

E-book screen

The most essential part of any e-book is, of course, its screen. It can be made using different technologies. Let’s take a look at them in more detail.

TFT screen (display)

TFT is a liquid crystal screen. It is familiar to almost everyone, since computer monitors, some models of mobile phones, navigators and other similar equipment function on TFT-matrix. They create a clear, bright and sharp image using both color and black and white. Screens of this type necessarily have a backlight that flickers at high speed, from which the eyes get tired. In addition, they consume a lot of energy, which is very critical for devices operating on batteries and batteries. The charge of an e-book with a TFT-screen lasts only a few hours. But such books are much cheaper than, for example, devices on E-Ink.

Screen (display) E-Ink

The screens created by this technology imitate the real book list as accurately as possible. When reading, you have the impression that you are holding an ordinary paper edition and not an electronic device. E-Ink screens do not tire your eyes and allow you to read much longer since they do not have flickering and flashing lights. Energy is also consumed in them differently: it is consumed only at the moment of turning the pages. Because of this, they do not need recharging for weeks and are not discharged in idle mode. In addition, they are much easier, since they require a less powerful battery to work with than backlit devices.

Touch screen

There are also touch screens, which are one large control panel of the book’s functions by pressing your finger on different points of the display. This is convenient and familiar to those who are already actively using mobile phones with this screen. However, those who encounter this technology for the first time may experience difficulties and negative emotions in the process of reading from the touch screen, because everything is unusual. In this case, it is better to opt for a button-operated reader.

e-Book size:

Dimensions of the reader and tablet depend on the screen size. This parameter is measured in inches, as is the case with televisions, smartphones, computer monitors and other similar devices. The smaller screen fits less text, thus you’re required to turn the pages more often. But since the device is about the size of a passport, you can take it with you anywhere, as it fits in your pocket.

Large font

Next, it is important to pay attention to supported font sizes. Luckily, if the device is equipped with the option to quickly and easily increase the font, then you do not need to search for a long time in the settings on how to do it.

File format

E-books exist in different formats: text (txt, fb2, pdf, html), office – related to MS Office programs, and some special, targeted specifically to readers. Thus, it’s best to find out which file formats it works with. By the way, advanced multifunctional models of TFT-devices can support not only text but also audio and video files.

Inner filling

When you buy a reader, you must certainly pay attention to its technological stuffing, and first of all, the available amount of internal memory. Files of books in txt format take up very little space, but, for example, pdf documents already weigh significantly more. Another important parameter of any reader is the processor. It depends on how smart it is and how comfortable you will feel using this device.

File upload

  • books are usually equipped with a USB-interface for connecting to a stationary computer and have a special cable included. In some devices, there is also a built-in Wi-Fi module to access the Internet using a wireless network.

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