How to Choose the Right e-book Device for Seniors?

How to Choose the Right e-book Device for Seniors?

E-book screen

The most essential part of any e-book is, of course, its screen. It can be made using different technologies. Let’s take a look at them in more detail.

TFT screen (display)

TFT is a liquid crystal screen. It is familiar to almost everyone, since computer monitors, some models of mobile phones, navigators and other similar equipment function on TFT-matrix. They create a clear, bright and sharp image using both color and black and white. Screens of this type necessarily have a backlight that flickers at high speed, from which the eyes get tired. In addition, they consume a lot of energy, which is very critical for devices operating on batteries and batteries. The charge of an e-book with a TFT-screen lasts only a few hours. But such books are much cheaper than, for example, devices on E-Ink.

Screen (display) E-Ink

The screens created by this technology imitate the real book list as accurately as possible. When reading, you have the impression that you are holding an ordinary paper edition and not an electronic device. E-Ink screens do not tire your eyes and allow you to read much longer since they do not have flickering and flashing lights. Energy is also consumed in them differently: it is consumed only at the moment of turning the pages. Because of this, they do not need recharging for weeks and are not discharged in idle mode. In addition, they are much easier, since they require a less powerful battery to work with than backlit devices.

Touch screen

There are also touch screens, which are one large control panel of the book’s functions by pressing your finger on different points of the display. This is convenient and familiar to those who are already actively using mobile phones with this screen. However, those who encounter this technology for the first time may experience difficulties and negative emotions in the process of reading from the touch screen, because everything is unusual. In this case, it is better to opt for a button-operated reader.

e-Book size:

Dimensions of the reader and tablet depend on the screen size. This parameter is measured in inches, as is the case with televisions, smartphones, computer monitors and other similar devices. The smaller screen fits less text, thus you’re required to turn the pages more often. But since the device is about the size of a passport, you can take it with you anywhere, as it fits in your pocket.

Large font

Next, it is important to pay attention to supported font sizes. Luckily, if the device is equipped with the option to quickly and easily increase the font, then you do not need to search for a long time in the settings on how to do it.

File format

E-books exist in different formats: text (txt, fb2, pdf, html), office – related to MS Office programs, and some special, targeted specifically to readers. Thus, it’s best to find out which file formats it works with. By the way, advanced multifunctional models of TFT-devices can support not only text but also audio and video files.

Inner filling

When you buy a reader, you must certainly pay attention to its technological stuffing, and first of all, the available amount of internal memory. Files of books in txt format take up very little space, but, for example, pdf documents already weigh significantly more. Another important parameter of any reader is the processor. It depends on how smart it is and how comfortable you will feel using this device.

File upload

  • books are usually equipped with a USB-interface for connecting to a stationary computer and have a special cable included. In some devices, there is also a built-in Wi-Fi module to access the Internet using a wireless network.

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Qigong for Seniors: Different Breathing Techniques

Qigong for Seniors: Different Breathing Techniques


This type of breathing is peculiar to each person; it cannot be controlled. The amplitude of breaths and exhalations is balanced. The disadvantage of this type of breathing is that the lungs do not work at full strength, so the breath is shallow and the breathing act itself is not extended.


The expansion of the lungs during inhalation lowers the diaphragm down, causing the stomach to become bulging. During exhalation, the diaphragm moves upward and the abdomen becomes hollow. This type of breathing can help with diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, as well as disorders of the brain.


Here, inhaling is done with the help of the abdominal muscles, as a result of which the diaphragm moves upwards. At the same time, the stomach becomes hollow. When exhalation occurs, the abdomen comes forward by lowering the diaphragm.


There are two techniques of such breathing:

After inhalation, exhalation is delayed, after exhalation, the whole breath is held.

Slow breath and hold breath.

Intermittent breathing helps in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The reverse type of breathing also contributes to the improvement of the digestive system.

Inhaling via the nose, exhaling via the mouth

The practice of breathing qigong for the elderly recommends inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. This makes breathing easier and speeds up recovery. Carrying Qi through the channels Ren-May and Du-May With this technique, reverse breathing is used, which helps to conduct qi energy through the so-called “small circulation circle” or “small celestial circulation”. This type of breathing, coupled with the movement of qi, stimulates the recovery of the nervous system.


A long and drawn out breath alternates with an inaudible quiet exhalation.


This type of breathing manifests itself when complete removal of the spirit from the material component of the body is achieved. With this condition, breathing becomes almost imperceptible, its task is to maintain the body with full spiritual concentration. This type of breathing is produced by experienced qigong masters. All types of breathing are aimed at preventing and curing certain systems of the human body. Seniors who are just starting to practice qigong are advised to take mandatory breaks every 10–20 minutes and return to natural breathing. Otherwise, such unpreparedness can turn into overwork of the muscles responsible for breathing, and even cause suffocation. Therefore, it is important to have an experienced mentor at the time you start practicing qigong, who will monitor your condition and help you to establish proper breathing and the necessary tactics for performing exercises.

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Nordic Walking Sticks for Seniors: Things to Consider

Nordic Walking Sticks for Seniors: Things to Consider

Few people know that Nordic walking was, in fact, invented for skiers. More specifically, it was quite essential for maintaining the active form of Finnish athletes. Nordic walking with sticks is used as an additional therapy and for the rehabilitation of patients. Nordic walking not only increases the flow of oxygen in the body but also speeds up the muscle activity in older people. Today, Nordic Walking has gained huge popularity all across the globe.

Things to Remember:

The low price should not be your first priority. It is important not to endanger one’s health because of someone’s fakes. Pay attention to manufacturers that tend to offer quality products. Discounted products, as a rule, have a hidden defect. For an elderly person, this may lead to a major injury. Ask the seller about the index carbon content in your brand new sticks. The higher it is, the stronger your purchase. Choose products with a parameter of 20% or higher. Plastic parts tend to quickly break. Especially pay attention to the handle, the plastic will quickly break, and will slide in the palm of your hand.

Arrange a test drive for your future supports: examine the shaft and handle, play with your hand, tap on the floor, try the tips in your work, and you will get very tired with strong vibrations. If the store has a warranty, check all the features of the return of goods. Never take sticks that you are not allowed to take out of the packaging. Immediately find out if there are any spare parts for this model, purchase additional rubber tips.

Nordic Walking for the Elderly: 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Stick

Tip 1. Take with you a person (instructor) who is familiar with various models and quality sticks.

Tip 2. While still at home, you should clearly define the type of stick you want: monolithic or telescopic, which company to consider, the price range, as well as the size of the stick.

Tip 3. Do not hesitate to check the stick directly in the store.

Tip 4. The first thing you should check is the comfort of the handle, this is especially important for an elderly person.

Tip 5. The seller must remove and secure all allegedly removable parts with you.

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Advice for those who have forgotten to enroll for Medicare Part D

Advice for those who have forgotten to enroll for Medicare Part D

On December 7th,the open registration ended, and if you are not eligible for the special enrollment period, you will not be able to register for Part D until next October. I received calls this week from Medicare participants, perplexed and violent. I was screamed at, insulted and ignored. Honestly, it does not bother me, but it made me think of writing a blog to help people comprehend the options they can capitalize on when they miss Part D. Now, here are some ideas on how to insure your prescription drugs.


On your search engine, look for the words “Prescription Coupons” and you’ll see hundreds of pages offering coupons on every imaginable drug. You can also search for a particular drug by typing the “drug name” keyword from a search engine. Another solution is to contact the company that sells the medicine and ask if they have a coupon to send. Most companies publish interesting or good offers on their websites. This may seem quite easy, the simplest solutions however, can sometimes be effective.

Prescription assistance programs

There are many programs like these, some of which are state-specific. These programs are not insurance policies, but they help reduce the cost of prescription drugs. It is necessary to request and qualify for a utility. Upon arrival, you will usually receive a discount card that entitles you to discounts at pharmacies. The problem with these programs is that you may not be eligible for Part D after registering for a public service. These programs are designed for people who desperately need those who cannot afford prescription drugs or who offer deductibles or bonuses from the D side. There are also programs for older people and programs for under 65. It is therefore important to get informed before to apply. RX assistance is a program I found only after 10 minutes of searching.

Pharmacy programs

Large grocery stores such as HEB and Walmart offer discount programs to pharmacies. By enrolling in these programs, you can get some (and not all) drugs at significantly reduced prices. You will have to pay a small fee to register for these programs, but you will get prescription medications at very low costs ($ 5 for 30 days at HEB). Now, Walmart has proposed a lucrative program that offers a $ 4 worth of drugs. As you can see, there are options. Of course, my advice is not to hang up or scream at your agent before he can give you assistance. Your situation may not be clear enough for you to understand. You may be eligible for a special enrollment period. Appropriate circumstances are generally such as to leave a coverage area that inadvertently abandons the Medicare Advantage plan or other circumstances beyond its control.

Although I would like to be able to move my magic wand and resolve the situation, that’s what it is. Some similarities include: not completing the ballot in time for an investigation, requesting a grant or grant after the deadline or submitting a delayed work project. There are reasons for delays and you do not have to go after yourself, your agent or the government. Errors occur, but fortunately there are resources mentioned above for Medicare beneficiaries who can count if they forget to sign up for Part D.

Qigong Exercises for Seniors with Kidney and Urinary Tract Diseases

Qigong Exercises for Seniors with Kidney and Urinary Tract Diseases

1. Lying on your back

Starting position – the back is tightly pressed to the floor, the head is on a slight elevation, arms are extended along the body. Stimulate the tongue of the palate to excrete saliva. As soon as this happens, take a slow deep breath through the nose and imagine how the flow of qi energy is moving towards the perineum while straining the muscles in this area. Close your teeth, clench your palms, extend your toes as far as possible and hold your breath for 5 seconds. Exhale slowly and relax.

These steps should be repeated for 5-10 minutes. In order to achieve the best results, perform this exercise in the morning, afternoon and evening every day.

2. Slow walking

Imagine that you are walking in your favorite park, walking slowly along a park path. Focus on your slow steps, not thinking about anything else. Allow your arms to move slowly along the body, lightly squeezing the palms in a soft fist. Squeeze your toes slightly, imagining that you are trying to grab a handful of the earth with them. Take slow, steady steps while simultaneously straining the muscles of the perineum. Move at this pace for 3-5 minutes, then relax your whole body and slowly walk for 1-2 minutes. Repeat the steps again. Do this qigong exercise for half an hour in the morning after sleep and in the evening before going to bed.

3. Standing still

Starting position – legs shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, toes tucked. Without tilting your upper body, lower yourself into a quarter squat. Press your chin to your chest, keeping your posture straight, arms lowered along your body, palms closed in an incomplete fist, look down. Move your tongue in your mouth for salivation. Swallowing saliva, take a deep breath through the nose and tighten the muscles of the perineum. Imagine that qi energy slowly moves through the body from the tailbone up through the spine and penetrates the top of the head under the tongue. Exhale slowly and relax the muscles of the perineum. Repeat the steps 20 times, then close the palm of your hand, putting the right over the left, and press with two hands on the tribute-tian point, which is in the crotch area. Focus on this area and take 3,050 leisurely steps. Perform this exercise in the morning and evening daily.

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Anthem Blue Cross Supplementary Health Insurance Policies

Anthem Blue Cross Supplementary Health Insurance Policies

The additional plans of the company are not very exorbitant. Almost all the 12 Medicare policies are offered by the company and are easy to manage for their service. Many customers will ask which company would you recommend? Generally speaking, my answer would Anthem Blue Cross, situated in California, because most of my clients prefer to call me if they have a question or a problem. The reason I recommend Anthem Blue Cross in California is because their billing, services, and complaints are easy to contact and you can connect easily with them.

The anthem is also present in 13 states. For some, it does not matter much, although in this case it is interesting to note that this is a national career. The Medicare Part D Rx policies they offer are quite competitive with most other national carriers. The prices are reasonable and they have a long list of formulated drugs. Anthem Blue Cross is easy to use, requests can be faxed and requests are processed very quickly. Blue Cross has existed for over 70 years as a company. Although many things have changed in 70 years, 2 things have always lasted; its initial business paradigm, which gives priority to customers and their commitment to innovation and progress. They are leaders in the care of the elderly and continue to build on their tradition of developing innovative products that offer health, quality and safety options for seniors in California. Going to shows information on a 2020 medicare supplement plan.

They offer more policies now than in the past, and this includes traditional Medicare supplemental policies, a HMO Medicare benefit, & a new PPO policy known as Freedom Blue. They also offer prescription drugs, dental characters and products that can help protect the financial future of your life, such as California Blue Cross life insurance and long-term insurance. With the rising expenses on health care nowadays, it is very important now than ever to buy health insurance to fill the loop holes, co-payments, deductibles, and co-insurance that Medicare does not pay. So if anyone is looking for a Medigap supplemental plan or an Rx policy from Medicare Part D, be sure to compare products from Anthem Blue Cross with your current policy. Contact a senior market specialist if you are new to Medicare and need help.

If you are a person who likes to pay the full prize, the F character is the best option. With this policy, you only pay the monthly premium of the plan. This means that all medical and hospital expenses are covered by the policy and no additional payments are made. You can also consult the doctor of your choice because there is no network (the doctor however must still accept Medicare). This gives you the freedom of choice and the complete insurance you deserve. In Ohio, you can visit the insurance department’s website and find out the current prices of all Ohio-based operators. So go online and see if your status has a chart that compares all the rates. In fact, they have all the tables of properties and accidents. Therefore, calm down and carefully assimilate all the information overload that will reach you. Compare prices and choose the cheapest policy.

Varicose Veins in the Elderly: Symptoms and Things to Avoid

Varicose Veins in the Elderly: Symptoms and Things to Avoid


Persistent weakness, fatigue;

Chronic sleepiness;

Frequent migraines and dizziness;

Episodic blackouts in the eyes, short-term loss of consciousness;

Meteorological dependence, deterioration with jumps of atmospheric pressure;

Heaviness, tired legs, especially in the evenings;

Noise, ringing in the ears;

Sudden increases in a heartbeat;

Tingling in the limbs, loss of sensation in them, numbness;

Feeling of tightness and tightness in the chest;

Constantly cold, freezing limbs;

Shortness of breath during any physical activity, even the weakest.

The presence of at least a few symptoms from this list is a reason to visit a doctor and, possibly, to change something in the usual way of life in order to strengthen the weakened veins.

Seniors suffering from varicose veins are required to promptly consult a doctor for advice and take measures to facilitate recovery – use healing creams, regularly engage in massage and special strengthening exercises. However, efforts may prove fruitless if one does not exclude certain things which harm the condition of the veins. Activities that put unnecessary load on the cardiovascular system and lower limbs need to be avoided at all costs. Sport, of course, helps to strengthen the body, but the choice of exercises should be approached very carefully and you need to consult a doctor to avoid injuring yourself. In case of varicose veins, such types of physical activity are contraindicated as step aerobics, fast running, long and intense exercises on the exercise bike. Here is a list of what is definitely harmful and dangerous for varicose veins.

An excessive body mass puts an additional load on the lower extremities, in particular – on the veins in your legs. For 2020 head to for a medicare supplement plan. A sedentary lifestyle. In this case, the pressure in the blood vessels increases. Hours of standing work is also unsafe and requires additional measures.

The so-called “power” exercises (such as push-ups with weighting, squats). Intensively working out on the exercise bike, running or jumping over a long duration. Such loads should be completely discarded until the veins are cured. Some types of massage, in particular, canned and honey. They have an overwhelming effect on diseased veins. A careful, delicate self-massage of the legs will benefit as well as strengthen the vessels. Taking hormonal drugs without consulting a doctor. Hormones affect the body in a variety of ways, so you need to select these drugs by consulting with a specialist. Medicare supplemental coverage: Medicare supplement plans let elderly seniors cover copays, deductible, etc.

Primary Causes of Schizophrenia in Seniors

Primary Causes of Schizophrenia in Seniors

A clear sign of psychosis is a distorted perception of the world. This is reflected in a disturbed understanding of events, contrived beliefs, speech disorganization, and behavioral patterns. In medicine, psychosis also refers to severe mental disorders with hallucinations and delusions. In older age, psychopathological conditions can manifest themselves in many conditions. The causes of their occurrence largely depend on the main chronic disease. Psychopathology can be observed with delirium caused by somatic diseases, abuse of psychoactive drugs, as well as with psychosis due to the use of a large number of drugs.

Persistent psychopathological disorders can occur as a result of chronic schizophrenia, delusional and affective disorders, psychological changes as a result of Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, Levi calves, and Parkinson’s disease. It is often difficult to distinguish between two diseases: senile schizophrenia and senile dementia, since their symptoms are very similar, although the nature of the diseases is different. Only psychiatrists with a long-term observation of the patient can make an accurate diagnosis. Patients, in either case, are distinguished by increased capriciousness, irritability, and they have more pronounced negative traits of character. As an example, there are old men accusing neighbors of thefts or so on. Characteristic hallucinations include those in which a person recognizes strangers for their own, living relatives for the long-dead.

Psychosymptomatology is a frequent occurrence among the elderly. According to statistical samples, it is characteristic for 0.2 – 4.7% of the elderly population. Among patients in nursing homes, the rate ranges from 10 – 63%. According to a 3 year follow up study, the prevalence rates are as follows: among people of old age without dementia, 7.1 – 13.7% have psycho-symptomatic manifestations. Psychosymptomatology is manifested in the patient’s aggressive or disorganized behavior, which leads to distress in those who take care of him. This is expressed in the neglect of older people, cruel treatment to them, the formalization of relations.

Factors that increase the risk of developing psychosis:

Age-related changes in the temporal and frontal cortex.

Neurochemical changes associated with old age.

Social isolation.

Reducing the functionality of the senses.

Increased cognitive impairment.

Pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic changes.


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Nordic Walking for Seniors: FAQ’s

Nordic Walking for Seniors: FAQ’s

What is the amount of Nordic walking lessons needed per week for an older person? The frequency of training depends on the goal. For normal people, one hour per day or three times a day for 30 minutes is enough. In the presence of serious diseases – twice a week for 15 minutes. Depending on the person’s well-being, the duration of the lesson can be increased or decreased. The main rule – walks should be easy, without pain and deterioration of health.

Do I need a warm-up? It is necessary, especially for the elderly, to prepare the muscles with simple exercises. For example, repeat each exercise 4-8 times: Stand up straight. Take the stick by the ends and slowly lean to the right and left, holding the stick over your head. Movement on flexibility itself is very useful for older people. Push your right leg forward. Pull your arms back, leaning forward. Stretch your arms forward, leaning back. Change the leg and repeat the exercise. Squatting with an emphasis on sticks from 3 to 15 times. Hands slightly back. Bend the leg at the knee, grab it by the ankle, pull as far as possible to the gluteus muscle for 10-15 seconds. With your other hand, hold on or lean on a stick.

Rest against the sticks that stand in front of you, keep your back straight. Stretch your right leg forward, put it on the heel. Bend another in the knee, do a small squat, linger for 15 seconds. Repeat with the other leg. It is advisable to perform this exercise with a safety net, ask for help from relatives and acquaintances. Withdraw your hands with sticks gently and gently back through the sides, tighten your muscles. Put the sticks in front so that when you tilt your arms remain straight. Leaning your back on the sticks, bend your back. This exercise can be performed by an elderly person while he/she is relaxing while practicing Nordic walking.

Bending the right arm in the elbow, we throw a stick behind the back. We intercept it from below with the left hand. The right hand slowly pulls the stick up until the bottom left feels the tension. What are the rules of breathing? Here the freedom of choice is yours. Breathe as you feel, with your nose or mouth. After an intense walk, take a deep breath, stretch your whole body. The end of the workout can be combined with taking a hot bath to relax the muscles. Sauna lovers can combine exercise with pleasure. Warming up is necessary for an elderly person so as not to hurt the muscles. What is the necessary amount of water one should intake?

Depending on your habits, you can drink water before, during and after the session. To prevent dehydration, do not drink coffee. About 2 hours before walking, drink half a liter of water. During the first hour after the end of the workout, drink as much as your body needs. Some older people prefer to take a bottle of water with them in a light backpack. Is it possible to eat before the start of the walking? Eating (fats and proteins) before training, as well as before any intense exercise, can be no later than 3-4 hours before the walking. If your breakfast was light (yogurt, porridge on the water, low-fat cheese), you can go out in an hour. About Advantage Plans: They’re mentioned as Medicare supplement plans which are applicable to seniors in the US who’re at 65 & above. These plans typically help pay for deductible, copay, etc. Visit to locate a 2019 medicare advantage plan to stay healthy.

Joint Diseases in Senior Citizens: What to Eat?

Joint Diseases in Senior Citizens: What to Eat?

The joint is called the junction of bones, it is a kind of cavity with articular fluid, which serves to reduce friction between bones. They help a person to make all the movements. Joint diseases in older people are often irreversible and chronic in nature. In spite of the achievements of modern medicine, every third person in the world suffers from diseases of the joints. Each of us is at risk, regardless of gender and social status, age, and habits. Being young, we do not think about serious diseases.

Diet for Seniors with Joint Diseases:

To start with, the diet of an elderly person with joint issues should contain a lot of vegetables and fruits. Complex carbohydrates can be found in plenty in grains and cereals, whereas lean meat and fish can be a perfect source of protein. Also, do not disregard the sources of unsaturated fatty acids: they are fish oil, vegetable oils, and nuts. For the prevention of diseases of the joints, do not forget foods that are rich in calcium and vitamin D: milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, canned tuna, pink salmon, salted herring. Also, you can find lots of nutrients in dried apricots, figs, raisins, almonds and peanuts as well.

Mixed vegetable juices contain 50% more nutrients than the fruits themselves, and the vitamins in them are in a concentrated form. Regular consumption of one apple can help relieve many problems. Although dietitians still advise eating fruit in the first half of the day in any form. Fish, hard cheese, meat, meat jelly, and fruit jelly contain glucosamine and chondroitin which are the main elements of the restoration and strengthening of the joints. A lack of vitamin C in the diet can trigger the appearance of scurvy, which affects the fragility of the blood vessels, which means there is a risk of hemarthrosis (hemorrhage into the joint cavity). Deforming osteoarthritis necessarily develop in a person whose diet provokes obesity. Excessive body weight puts pressure on the joints and increases physical exertion.

Lastly, you should eat in moderation. Being overweight is a major problem in older adults with joint diseases, which serves as an additional load on the spine and joints. About Supplemental Policies for the Elderly: Medicare supplement plans are healthcare coverage options offered by private insurers in the United States. They essential cover out of pocket expenses not included within Traditional Medicare.